Created Date: 2/11/2013

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Bao Loc Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Bao Loc) Sincerely thank you for your interest and customers choose our products for many years. To keep up with the development and growth needs of the market economy. With the dynamism, creativity and efforts of Company’s manager as well as all employees, with the support and enthusiastic cooperation of customers. Bao Loc has been constantly growing, growing, becoming one of the reputable enterprises in the fields of design consultancy, construction and installation business and supply electric power equipment.

The Humans, management systems, business culture maked  Bao Loc‘s value and location on the market today at Haiphong and northern provinces. Sales over 3,000 catalog items, including:  Industry Electric , Civil Electric and Marine Electric,  Manufacture of electrical panels and automation. With many technical staff with high qualifications, always learning and apply innovative advanced solutions, is proud to be the pioneer to provide electrical equipment fit modern trends, Bao Loc receive to construct of industrial electric follow as standards: "Cost savings and environmental protection."
With business goals electrical equipment manufacturer specialized in technical, industrial electricity, electrical civil service always includes sales, consulting and professional sales, ensuring our customers' satisfaction criterion: " The Customer 's satisfaction - The Business 's Success"
To get the fruits as today, Bao Loc always received collaboration, engagement famous distributors, there is also a business advantage when Bao Loc is the leading partner, trusts of carriers, distributors, prestigious brands in the domestic market and the world: LS (LG), Hyundai, Shneider, Mitsubishi, Siemens, ABB, Yongsung, Hanyoung, Omron, Autonics, Philips, GE, Osram, Haixing, Ruler, Coway, Panasonic, Cadivi, Elmaco, Taya, Seoul marine cable, Goldcup, Cadisun, ...
As a tribute to sent to customers, Baoloc sincerely thank the trust, sincere cooperation precious clients for us, We hope to get the Your support and assist customers on the way to development and success.
Please grateful.
For and on behalf of Co.,
Nguyen Ngoc Bao