Omron Electronics introduces its

Created Date: 2/11/2012

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OMRON was founded in Japan in 1933, currently has over 25,000 employees and sales over $ 5 billion per year. OMRON is considered one of the leading electronics companies world of automation technology.

The automatic equipment of high quality OMRON, are manufactured with latest technology and very diverse: from simple switches, relays of all types, timers, counters, sensors, temperature control , ... devices to control modernization program.


In all there are nearly 20,000 different items, continuous improvement. In early 1996, Omron Electronics Company Pte. opened a representative office in Hanoi and then in Ho Chi Minh. Omron has current sales network of distributors and dealers.


In addition to sales, Omron and distribution systems also offer other services such as consulting, system design, installation manuals, maintenance, repair, organize training courses on the device itself for customers. Now available in the following courses: - How to use the Micro PLC of OMRON PLC CP1L / E software


CX-Programmer - User Guide ZEN devices, temperature controllers, sensors, and other product groups.