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Created Date: 6/15/2013

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I. General requirements for the warranty :

- Equipment in equipment list is warranted .

- The unit is in warranty period . The warranty period is stated in the Bao Loc warranty or

warranty void the manufacturer's product ( according to list attached) .

- Have full warranty and warranty intact the company's stamp on the device .

II . These cases are not covered :

- Equipment not included in the list of devices covered .

- Equipment warranty expires .

- Defects which arise from causes such as preserving client installation, improper operation . Products damaged due to wear and tear from installation environment, not tested, full maintenance ( including not following manuals, inspection, storage, or maintenance ) .

- Arbitrarily dismantling, repair by individuals or technician is not the five employees of the Blessed or Manufacturer .

- Equipment failure due to mechanical stress, deformation, falls, breaks, bumps, scratches, damaged by damp, rust, water flows and animals from entering, natural disasters, fires, use wrong voltage regulation, fire damage or human .

- Loss of warranty or guarantee torn stamps, stamps with goats warranty, warranty or altered stamps (including stamp original warranty ) .

III . Method warranty :

The warranty can be done by repair , modification , replacement parts or replace the product subject to regulation by carrier or manufacturer .

IV . Duration of warranty:

- For products produced by the vendor or representative offices from Ha Tinh to the north, the product warranty period from 10 to 15 days .

- For products produced by the vendor or representative offices of Ha Tinh in the south, the product warranty period from 15 to 30 days .

- For products imported from China have warranty , product warranty period from 30 to 60 days . China LED System ( NS 500 ) 05 days warranty products , a constant one .

V. Process warranty , maintenance of the product :

- When receiving complaints from customers regarding equipment salesman consideration of any damage caused and the date inspection is not . Based on the provisions of warranty Bao Loc Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd, subject of warranty ( make sure the general requirements of the warranty ) or the date of the case will be handled as follows :

+ Head of sales floor appoint warranty, maintenance equipment to customers ;

+ Sales staff to customers in return and collect equipment faulty engineering / date return of the equipments imported parts (Sales or Warehouse ) to the contact parts supplier in exchange for equipments handling ;

- Salespeople need guidance to customers carefully read the user manual before using the product and direct instruction for basic but note when using products purchased at Bao Loc Co.,Ltd .

- All Supermarket staff during the stage of customer service from sales to warranty, maintenance equipment must always have an attitude of attentive service, warm welcome and attentive, quick resolution of complaints complaints and customer inquiries .

VI. Contact, questions or complaints about warranty issues :

Please contact :


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