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    Warranty Equipment

    Created Date : 6/15/2013

    The provisions for product warranty to protect customer interests.

  • quy-dinh-ve-tra-lai-hang-1115201324308PM.jpg

    Regulations on return of equipments

    Created Date : 6/15/2013

    To ensure that the interests of customers when shopping at Bao Loc Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd, we inform to customers about the regulations change - return of equipments purchased at Bao Loc.

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    The new technologies help break down language barriers cooming soon.

    Created Date : 2/11/2012

    The dream about elimination of all language barriers may soon become reality when the engineers at Microsoft is developing a technology with voice recognition function, then directly translated into the language that voice other.

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    Omron Electronics introduces its

    Created Date : 2/11/2012

    OMRON was founded in Japan in 1933, currently has over 25,000 employees and sales over $ 5 billion per year.

  • chuc-nang-va-ung-dung-plc-s7-200-cua-siemens-2112012114112AM.jpg

    Function and application of the Siemens S7-200 PLC

    Created Date : 2/11/2012

    S7-200 from 6 inputs / 4 digital outputs (CPU221) to 24 first vao/16 digital outputs (CPU226). We can expand the number of input / output expansion modules due.

  • hmi-la-gi-2112012115145AM.jpg

    HMI is what?

    Created Date : 2/11/2012

    HMI stands for the Human-Machine-Interface, which means that communication between devices designed for operating machinery.